Saturday, 30 March 2013

DSLR problem and insurance

I haven't used my DSLR (Canon 600D) for a few months. In fact, the last time I used it was for my Final Year Project in November 2012. One day I picked it up and I found the switch was in the on position and it must have been like that for a week or so. This didn't worry me because I knew the camera turned itself off after a few minutes anyway. So I flicked it off and then on and to my horror the LCD screen was all messed up. What should have been black in the menu was actually a pale green colour (like a calculator display sort of green). I hoped that this was just a rogue menu setting but when I recorded some video the dark parts of the image were that weird green colour. I had to establish whether it was a sensor problem or just the LCD so I played it back on my computer and thankfully the footage had come out okay. I then connected it up to a TV and used the TV as a monitor and all the colours were fine. So, it looked like I had a broken LCD screen.

I doubt it being left on caused the problem but who knows. DSLR users, be warned. I enquired about repairs at several different camera shops and I was quoted around £120-130. Can't really afford that right now so I've decided to keep my DSLR on the shelf. I could buy an external monitor with a hot shoe mount but this would just add more weight to the camera. I actually wanted to get an external monitor anyway. It's on my list of things to get for my DSLR:

1. Tripod (My current one is too light and doesn't have fluid movement)
2. Monitor (A larger screen would make focusing a lot easier)
3. Matte Box (I actually want it for cosmetic reasons so my DSLR can look more like a           movie camera)
4. Wide angle prime lens (I love the image quality of my 50mm 1.8 but it's just not wide enough and it can be really restrictive)
5. NTG-2 Microphone (My university have these and the quality of audio is superb)

I wouldn't mind some sort of stabiliser device either and I feel with all this equipment I could use my DSLR for more opportunities. And with all that said I have to consider insurance as well. It suddenly occurred to me only recently that my film equipment could be stolen or accidentally broken. I phoned up one insurance company but they said my equipment would have to be less than a year old for it to be covered? Insurance is gambling because I could just take a chance and hope that nothing bad happens to my equipment. Obviously I have no legal obligation to insure my film equipment but it would ensure that I don't lose money should the worst happen. 

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