Friday, 29 March 2013

Got my degree

I got the results for my degree in the post today and I ended up getting a 2.2. I was aiming for a 2.1 but c'est la vie. For those who don't know about the university grading system it goes like this... 

1. FIRST: Top grade, the best you can get at uni.
2. SECOND CLASS 1st division (2.1): Second best, like getting a B in school.
3. SECOND CLASS 2nd divison (2.2): Average, not the best but it's still a pass
4. THIRD: It's still a pass but only just.
5. FAIL:  No degree.

So I've got a BSc Hons in Film Production Technology degree now. Letters after my name. I might do a Masters in a year or so and maybe a PhD eventually.  

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