Monday, 12 September 2011

Music Introduction

I always end up broadening my horizons and trying out new things. I discovered FL Studio a few years back and it's an amazing piece of software which allows you to create your own music tracks. There are so many plug-ins available to download and a quick YouTube search yields thousands of videos showcasing creations made my FL users. I fully recommend it to anyone because it's very easy to pick up and use. Download the demo here:
The demo is fantastic because it allows you to do everything that you can do in the full version. The only disadvantage being that you can't save your projects (But you can still export to WAV and MP3 format) The developers also have varying levels of cost associated with their product. The express edition will cost you £36 and the other versions feature less restrictions at a greater cost. I like to mess around occasionally and come up with random songs whenever a tune comes into my head. This particular one was made as a tribute to a friend and features his voice from a video we made:

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